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We'll work with you to craft the right plan for your family’s economic reality and financial needs.

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This is David Litke speaking.  After careers in education and high-tech, I opened BONUS Family Budget Counseling in 2009 to provide solid and comprehensive financial advice to Israeli families of all ages.

I was trained here in Israel by Esh-Lidor (2008, 2013-14) and have also been certified by the Dave Ramsey Counseling Seminar in Nashville, TN (2010). I have counseled close to 300 families since I opened BONUS, and have also served as a budget consultant to the Israeli Police and to the Moetza Datit of Maale Adumim. I conduct seminars and home workshops on budgetary matters. I write an email blog with over 800 subscribers for which you can sign up here (www.budgetrelief.co.il).  I live in Gush Etzion, near Jerusalem. and am married with 6 children and b”h many grandchildren.

I invite you to click here to learn what I can do for you and your longterm financial welfare.

Crafting with you the right plan for your family’s economic reality and financial needs:
  • Monthly Budget Management – Killing the Overdraft, Living within Your Means
  • Risk Management – Planning for Emergencies, Disability, Retirement, Sudden Death
  • Mapping Your Long Term Goals – Education, Family Events and Dreams of all sorts
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David Litke |  050-5351800 | david@budgetsuccess.co.il