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(Full names omitted to honor confidentiality.)

Thanks so much, David. We appreciated your thoroughness, and got exactly what we wanted out of the process. We now feel we can move ahead and better organize our financial lives, and plan for the future. In addition to the actual organization, it’s great to know how to read the various reports we receive periodically, which previously seemed enigmatic, and you provided us with some great tools to do some of this work on our own. Will definitely warmly recommend your services! (A.S.)

I am very pleased to recommend to anyone David Litke as a personal and household budget and  financial planning advisor.  We started working with David several months ago and we found him to be very professional, thorough and understandable.  On a personal level he was able to analyze all aspects of our financial situation and put together a package for us that includes household budgeting tools and strategies, and forecasts and planning horizons for our future. There is no better recommendation than to say that several months after we started working with David we are in a much better position financially than we were before. We know what our monthly spending resources are. We know how much we have spent each month and on what. In other words we are in much better control of our financial lives. (T.C.)

I am married with five children . Although I have a graduate degree in counseling and am a successful dating coach I could not get a handle on my finances. I was in debt and had bank loans. It was David Litke’s advice and coaching that helped me turn my finances around. Today I am debt free! Today I have no more bank loans! Today I am saving 3000 shekels a months towards retirement. Why and How  is because of David Litke. I highly recommend his budget counseling service.  (Y.R.)

David Litke helped us change our lives. He showed us how to be on top of our finances and prepare for the future. His sage advice is sustainable for the long term and we recommend him to anyone who is serious about family budgeting. (C.S.)



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